Open eye eyelash extensions

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Eyelash extensions are a popular beauty treatment that can transform your look by adding volume and length to your natural lashes. But with so many extension styles available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. If you desire a wide-eyed, awake appearance, the open eye extension style might be your perfect match.

What are Open Eye Extensions?

Open eye eyelash extensions

Open eye extensions are designed to create the illusion of larger, brighter eyes. This effect is achieved by strategically placing lashes of varying lengths. The longest lashes are applied to the center of the lash line, gradually shortening towards the inner and outer corners. This creates a lifted and opened-up appearance.

Who Can Benefit from Open Eye Extensions?

This style is particularly flattering for those with:

  1. Hooded eyes: Open eye extensions can counteract the hooded effect by drawing attention to the center of the eye.
  2. Close-set eyes: The strategic placement of lashes creates a widening effect, making the eyes appear further apart.
  3. Small eyes: By adding length and volume to the center of the lash line, open eye extensions can make eyes appear larger and more prominent.
  4. Those seeking a natural look: While open eye extensions offer a noticeable difference, they maintain a natural appearance compared to more dramatic styles.

Pros and Cons of Open Eye Extensions


  • Creates a bright, wide-eyed look
  • Flattering for a variety of eye shapes, particularly hooded or close-set eyes
  • Offers a natural yet noticeable enhancement


  • May not be suitable for very downturned eyes
  • Requires a skilled lash technician to achieve the desired effect

What to Expect During Your Appointment

A consultation with your lash technician is crucial before getting open eye extensions. They will discuss your desired look, assess your natural lashes, and recommend the appropriate lash length, thickness, and curl.

During the application process, your technician will meticulously isolate each natural lash and carefully adhere an extension using a medical-grade adhesive. The appointment typically lasts 1-2 hours depending on the desired volume and complexity.

Maintaining Your Open Eye Lashes

With proper care, your open eye extensions can last 4-6 weeks. Here are some aftercare tips:

  • Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  • Brush your lashes gently daily with a spoolie to maintain their shape.
  • Avoid oil-based products around the eyes as they can break down the adhesive.
  • Be gentle when removing eye makeup.
  • Schedule refill appointments every 2-4 weeks to maintain fullness.

By choosing open eye extensions and following proper aftercare, you can enjoy beautiful, wide-eyed results for weeks to come.

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